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Watch Trailer For Ireland's Road Trip Summer Movie "Poster Boys"

  • The much anticipated Irish road trip adventure, Poster Boys, will hit cinema screens on July 9th distributed by Kaleidoscope Entertainment.

Set in contemporary Ireland during a time of extortionate rents and expensive pints. Aoife (Aoife Spratt) dupes her hapless brother Al Clancy (Trevor O’Connell) into babysitting her ten-year-old son Karl (Ryan Minogue-Lee) while she attends a weeklong music festival in Barcelona. In a desperate attempt to save his job, the dysfunctional uncle lets his young nephew skip school so the reluctant duo can embark on a cross country adventure in a stolen campervan.

The debut film feature of director Dave Minogue, Poster Boys is set to be the road-trip adventure film of the summer and reminds us that “uncles are people too”. A host of familiar Irish faces make up the cast including Keith Duffy, Amy Hughes, Joe Rooney, Ian Dempsey and Bobby Kerr. The heartfelt comedy-drama combines stunning views of the Irish countryside with a nostalgic soundtrack that includes hits from Bell X1, Horslips, Joe Dolan and an original score from the album 'A Lifetime of High Fives" by Vyvienne Long.

The film had its world premiere at the 31st Galway Film Fleadh last year and speaking ahead of its forthcoming cinematic release director Dave Minogue remarked:

“Poster Boys was created on a micro-budget and following the film’s success at Galway, it's wonderful for us to see the project hit Irish cinemas this July. The film offers a feel-good comedy road trip experience with a lot of heart while showing off the beauty of the Irish landscape and the quirky towns across the country. The idea was to show hope shining through darkness while being fun and entertaining, which I think is very true to the Irish spirit.”

The film had an unusual path toward securing production with Minogue approaching Irish entrepreneur Bobby Kerr to support the film financially:

“We approached Bobby (Kerr) with the idea for the film and he agreed to back us. It was pretty risky, as it’s not the usual type of thing he would invest in. He was incredibly supportive and gave us the freedom to follow our creative vision for the piece. Bobby has a cameo role, as well as a number of other well known Irish faces that tie the narrative together. We’re really looking forward to presenting this to Irish audiences”.

Poster Boys will be available in selected Omniplex cinemas from July 9th.

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