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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategies for the Creative Industries 


What we provide

At CultureHead we work specifically across the arts, entertainment and technology sectors, collaborating with the current marketing managers of those organisations to help them to develop and deliver their digital marketing strategies. 

Our Approach

  • Our team will conduct a detailed audit of your organisation's presence online.


  • We begin by conducting a Situation Analysis to identify any weaknesses or opportunities in current marketing activities.


  • We deploy specific tools for developing your organisation’s Value Proposition to ensure that your branding and messaging is consistent. 


  • We conduct a competitor analysis of 3 peer or competitor organisations to identify any potential marketing opportunities that are currently being employed by your competitors that may be of use to your organisation.

  • We conduct an audit of your social media channels and make recommendations on how best to optimise them.

  • We conduct a usability test of your organisation’s website and deliver any recommendations to ensure the UX & UI of your website are fully optimised. 


  • We examine your websites Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and make recommendations on how to position your organisation “above the fold” on Google.


  • We develop your organisation’s marketing funnels and set up your paid advertising accounts including Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram. 

“At CultureHead we collaborate with the current marketing managers of some of Ireland’s top creative organisations. We help them to reach the people who matter most”

Final Report & Strategy

  • Our research is delivered back to you in a report that sets out how best your organisation should allocate its resources across its paid, earned and owned media channels.

  • The strategy will identify your target audiences and make recommendations for how best to reach and engage with them online.

  • We deliver a turn-key strategy that will outline the functions of your team members, the resources required and the set KPI’s and metrics that will allow you to monitor and control your success.

“Within a couple of weeks, CultureHead had my company on the top of Google for our most important search terms”

Geoff Allen, CEO Mersus Technologies

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