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Tech PR Company

Tech PR Company

Culturehead are a Dublin Based Tech PR Company specialising in Public Relations (PR) and Digital Communications for Technology-based organisations in Ireland.

What is Tech PR?

Technology Public Relations (Tech PR) is all about the business of influence and about communicating the Value Proposition of your organisation. According to Forbes PR can be described as,“a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics”. Rather than relying on paid advertisements to generate brand awareness, your PR company will help to generate Earned Media on behalf of your technology brand.


Ultimately positive PR coverage can help you to increase sales, identify new users or generate new potential leads for your organisation. With the right strategy, a Public Relations company can help your technology business reach its target audience whilst conveying your value proposition effectively.


As part of the Public Relations strategy for your tech company, your value proposition should identify:


1. Your target market. That is to say who are you trying to reach with this technology. Who is your end-user or customer?

2. What insights or benefits does the technology provide the end-user?


3. ​What alternatives are out there in the market place. Who are your product-market peers in the tech space and what makes you better than them?


4. ​What’s the reason that users should believe that your technology business can deliver. Think knowledge, experience or your track record.

5. What differentiates your technology brand from that of your competitor. That is to say what is your Unique Selling Point (USP).

Tech PR Company:

Earned Media


Paid Advertising


The definition of Earned Media can be described as “publicity gained through editorial influence of various kinds”. Essentially advertising is paid Media and Public Relations is Earned Media. Examples of Earned Media can include newspaper, television, radio, or online features as well as testimonials from your previous clients and CSR related events. Potential customers are much more likely to be influenced by your earned media or their product market peers than paid advertising. In fact, 83% of consumers say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of someone they know.


The benefits of employing a Tech PR Company to create earned media as opposed to utilising paid media channels include:


1. Credibility. Earned media is the most credible and trusted form of content your technology brand can achieve. Earned media is harnessing the established credibility of a particular journalist or media brand and using their influence to leverage brand recognition and trust with your potential target audience.

2. Brand Recognition. Earned media can help your organisation reach its specific target market and help to articulate the story behind your brand. Further cross-channel reinforcement of your value proposition combined with a coherent sales funnel will help to convert the audience you have reached into potential leads or new customers.

3. Loyalty. Earned media helps to reinforce the positive aspects of your tech company in the minds of your current customers and can increase the likelihood of them staying loyal to your brand.

4. Thought Leader. As opposed to paid advertising the authentic experience of Earned Media in the eyes of your potential prospect can differentiate your technology company from your product-market peers and set you apart as thought leaders within your field of business. 


How does a Technology Company measure the Return on Investment (ROI) from Public Relations (PR)?



In comparison to Digital Marketing where your results are defined and measurable, it can be more difficult to accurately calculate the return on investment generated from Earned Media. Public Relations companies differ on how best to measure the results of Public Relations. Traditionally, firms used Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) which identified the size of the feature or placement and came up put a price equivalent to what a similar size advertisement would cost.


For a technology company, we would suggest combining a number of metrics to measure the overall success of your public relations campaign. For Example:


1. Placement. Based on where your target market hangs out, agree in advance with your public relations company key placements and features you want them to attain on your behalf.

2. Reach. Based on the placement of your piece of earned media calculate how many viewers/listers or readers you have a reached.

3. Engagement. How has your target market engaged with your earned media? Gauge customer sentiment by tracking metrics such as how many shares or comments your piece of earned media receives.

4. Inbound Marketing. Following the publication of your earned media track metrics such as an increase in website traffic, new leads generated or requests for product information.

5. Secondary Press. A sure sign that your tech public relations campaign has been successful is if you are receiving organic requests for further interviews or placements.

Technology PR Services


At CultureHead we provide Tech PR services specifically to businesses in Ireland. Our Public Relations services for technology companies include:


  • Developing your brand’s Value Proposition.

  • Competitor situation Analysis 

  • Identifying target markets

  • Developing a strategic public relations strategy 

  • Product launch

  • ​Photo Call & Syndication   

  • ​Maximising earned media

  • ​Access to key industry influencers

  • ​Optimising press material for editorial

  • ​Crisis PR

  • Interview Preparation

  • CSR scheme management 

  • Management of event launches


Culturehead are a Dublin Based Tech PR Company specialising in Public Relations (PR) and Digital communications for Technology-based organisations in Ireland.


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