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Training in Digital Marketing & Audience Development

Training in Digital Marketing and Audience Development for individuals and organisations within the creative industries across the technology, arts and entertainment sectors.


The CultureHead Training Academy provides training in Digital Marketing and the latest tactics for online Audience Development. The Academy is powered by CultureHead a leading communications agency for the creative industries specialising in Public Relations and Digital Marketing across the arts, technology and entertainment sectors.


CultureHead has provided digital marketing training and audience development strategy to individuals and organisations across both Ireland & the UK.


The academy has collaborated with the current marketing managers of some of Ireland’s top creative and cultural organisations, helping team members upskill while effectively developing and implementing their digital marketing strategy.


Our training courses are delivered online allowing you and your team the flexibility to engage with the course content at a time that fits in with your schedule.


From Google Adwords to Facebook advertising all of the Academy’s workshops provide practical and Live demonstrations. A number of our training courses have been funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.

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"Digital Marketing Training workshops designed specifically for the Creative Industries"

Goals & Planning

Learn how to identify the primary objective of your organization and how to break those goals down into manageable goals that can be actioned within a set timeframe.

Situation Analysis

A deep dive and evaluation of your organisation's current marketing activities. Workshop attendees will learn how to apply a number of tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their current digital marketing strategy. The workshop includes evaluations of the internal and external factors affecting your marketing activities and an audit of your Social Media channels.

Marketing Funnel

Core to any effective marketing strategy workshop attendees will learn about the principles of a Marketing Funnel and how to apply the marketing funnel to their own organisation. Specifically, the Workshop will outline how to reach your target audience using your Paid, Earned and Owned Media Channels, how to Engage with your audience and how to get them to take action.

User Interface (UI) Testing & Design

Workshop attendees will be taken through the principles of User Interface and User Experience design. The attendees will then have an opportunity to apply the new skills they have learnt to apply a usability inspection test to their own website or application. 

Paid Advertising: Google Adwords

Workshop will involve the fundamentals of Google Ads and a Live demo of how to effectively set up an advertisement utilising Google’s Display Networks and Search Networks. As an outcome the participants will set up their own Google Ads account, will run their own advertisement live and will learn how to review and analyze the results.

SEO & Content Marketing

Workshop attendees will be shown to analyze their own Search Engine Optimisation. How to write a piece of content that is optimized for Google Search and how to land a piece of content marketing “above the fold” on Google’s search engine. Participants will be shown how to use Google’s Keyword Planning tool for content marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy Document

Workshop attendees will be shown how to create and write an industry-standard Digital Marketing Strategy Document that can be applied to their own organisation's marketing activities. The final document will include planning strategy, how to apply your resources across your Paid, Earned and Owned Media Channels and how to Monitor and Control your success.

Value Propostion

Develop your organization's Value Proposition. Central to your marketing strategy your value proposition is the concise and dynamic statement outlining what it is that your organisation provides (your Insights) and to whom you provide those services (Target Market). Workshop attendees learn how to use their value proposition effectively and for various parts of their digital strategy including Lead Generation and reducing their website’s Bounce Rate.

Competitor Analysis

An examination of your competitor or peer organisation. Identifying what tactics your competitors are using to reach and engage with their target audiences. To gather data, workshop attendees will be introduced to a number of online tools and applications which will examine Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Advertising and Social Media audit.  

Audience Persona

Workshop attendees will create 3 audience personas based on real data gathered. The personas will be broken down by age and geographic location and will include broad characteristics related to media consumption and online habits. The workshop will outline how to apply the audience persona effectively to reach and engage with your online audience.

Optimizing Social Media Channels

Attendees will conduct an audit of their social media channels and receive tips on how to improve and optimize their accounts. Workshop includes planning and delivery of content, how to scale your social media followers, page likes and how to effectively engage with your audience.

Paid Advertising: Facebook & Instagram

The workshop begins with the fundamentals of advertising using Facebook’s Ad Manager. Participants will then be shown Live demos of how to set up different campaigns and targeting across Facebook and Instagrams networks. Attendees will set up their own account, run a Live campaign and be shown how to set up an A/B experiment to optimize their adverts. 

Project Management

Workshop attendees will learn the fundamentals of Project Management and the Agile Framework. The workshop will teach participants how to apply project management techniques to digital marketing, audience development and event management.

Presentations & Pitching

Workshop attendees will learn how to create an effective pitch deck for their Digital marketing Strategy and will have an opportunity to present their finished pitch to industry professionals for feedback.

"Would highly recommend the course" 

Anna Nolan, Echo Echo Dance

"CultureHead helped put our company on the first page of Google"

Geoff Allen, CEO
 Mersus Technologies

"The training was very informative thank you CultureHead"

Emer Casey, Dance limerick

"The training was so worthwhile and hands-on. It's given us a lot to build upon. A big thanks to CultureHead" 

Jess Tobin, Limerick Printmakers

"We learned so much thanks for sharing your expertise with us"

Catherine Walsh, Nenagh Arts Centre

"Inquiries to the website have increased tenfold"

Austin Doyle,
Customs Clearance Ireland 

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