About CultureHead

My name is John Kenny, I founded CultureHead in 2016. We’re a communications agency based in Dublin. We primarily provide services for the creative industries in Ireland.

Our mission is simple: We want to provide the very best public relations, digital communications and audience development strategies -specifically tailored to the needs of the creative sector in Ireland.

Since its inception the CultureHead team has grown to include a content creator and media strategist -so that we can now offer the full spectrum of communications services to our clients.

Our team are trained in project management providing us with the skills to handle large scale projects and public tenders as well as smaller bespoke campaigns for individuals.


More recently, we are providing training to the current marketing managers of organisations -to bring them up to speed on the latest tactics for audience development & engagement.

What makes us different from more generic agencies is that our team all have backgrounds in the arts giving us a deep understanding of Ireland’s creative sector. While there are other arts publicists in Ireland, we win contracts over our competitors due to our expertise in digital communications. The emerging audiences are online and that is a space where CultureHead have been trailblazers! The goals we set ourselves for each campaign are data driven and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with results that are measurable and actionable.

When it comes to our public relations work we continue to land more editorial for the arts than any of Ireland’s long established agencies and this is something we are very proud of. Our portfolio of work speaks for itself. We strive to push the boundaries and our mantra is that "if football can make the news every night so can theatre, visual art or film".


Our approach to every project is one of collaboration, we see ourselves as being very much an integral part of your team and the life of your project.


We're passionate about culture and about making Ireland a more interesting place to live and work. If you’re involved in making something wonderful, we're here to help you tell the world about it.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to connect on twitter or linkedIn or meet us for coffee.