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Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) for the Creative Industries



At CultureHead we are passionate about culture and about making Ireland a more interesting place to live and work. We help creative organisations maximise their reach and engagement with new audiences.


We are experts in Theatre PR, Film PR, Entertainment PR, Technology PR, Art PR, Crisis PR, Festival PR and Event Launch PR.


Our team have a deep understanding of Ireland’s creative sector and wide-ranging contacts throughout the Irish and international media. 


We strive to exceed our client's expectations in terms of time, scope and budget. Our objective is to have each one of our projects reach its maximum potential audience. The goals we set ourselves and the targets we reach on behalf of our clients are all actionable and measurable. Our clients see quantifiable returns from their public relations investment.




Our Services

Theatre PR

Entertainment PR

Technology PR

Art PR

Crisis PR

Festival PR

Event Launch PR

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