We believe it's vital for creative organisations to have a

coherent and dynamic digital communications strategy

Digital Marketing for the Creative Industries


At CultureHead we’re all about creativity. Our passion is helping creative brands and organisations tell their story. These days we believe it’s vital that cultural organisations in Ireland have a coherent and dynamic online strategy to attract new audiences and engage effectively with their potential customers and patrons.


When it comes to digital communications for the creative industries CultureHead have been leading the way. Our team are experts in digital marketing and strategy. First and foremost we're passionate about content: We strive to connect with online audiences through authentic interactions by creating content that adds real value to the experience of the user.


When it comes to connecting with audiences in the creative sector, we consider ourselves to be thought leaders in this space. We've helped some of Ireland’s top cultural & creative organisations and events implement successful social media campaigns with measurable results. Our wide ranging contacts throughout the industry and ongoing working relationships with key online influencers means we can position your story or brand in front of the people who matter most.



Content Marketing

Our team have developed and implemented some of the most successful content marketing campaigns on behalf of organisations within the creative sector. We specialise in using content as a strategy for brand awareness and audience engagement.  


Social Media Audit & Situation Analysis

Our team will perform a detailed examination of your organisation's current social media reach. Our report will identify the areas in which you are successfully engaging with your online audience and the areas that need to be improved. This will help you to identify what the relationship is between you and your online audience.


Website optimisation

Making websites functional whilst maintaining design innovation is something we pride ourselves on. We perform UX & UI tests on your website and provide the data necessary to optimise your online brand.


Search Engine optimisation

Ranking high on search engines is vital to the success of any creative brand or organisation. We optimize your website to improve your search engine ranking and guarantee that you’ll appear 'above the fold' on google search.


Digital Management

We conduct a social media audit to define your organisation's current level of engagement and reach online. With that data we work in tandem with you to create a coherent and dynamic social media strategy for your organisation or brand. With your project goals identified and our strategy in place the CultureHead team can provide full digital management of your online presence. We will implement your social media strategy across your owned, earned and paid media channels.


Google Adwords

We're the experts in search and display advertising through google. We manage google adwords accounts for a number of creative organisations in Ireland. Our team are 'data driven' and are constantly optimising our clients' account's to ensure they get the maximum return on their advertising spend.


Online Reputation Management

Increasingly creative brands or organisations can make mistakes or get into trouble online. If not managed properly this can quickly spiral into a situation that can damage the value of a brand or its position in the marketplace. Out team are experts in Online Reputation Management, we can train your organisation on how best to mitigate risk and how to quickly limit the damage of any potential online crisis.



In an ever evolving digital landscape CultureHead provide training to the current marketing managers of organisations to bring them up to speed on the latest tactics for audience engagement and development.