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Crisis PR Company 

At Culturehead we specialise in Crisis PR for individuals and organisations across the arts & entertainment sectors.

Understanding Crisis PR

Crisis PR is a specialised form of public relations designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organisation facing challenges to its reputation. A crisis can strain vital brand resources, such as reputation, leadership, integrity, and loyalty, potentially resulting in job losses and irreparable damage. It's essential to plan and mitigate against potential risks, as a crisis is not a matter of "if" but "how," "when," and "why."


Crisis Public Relations Services


  • Crafting Crisis PR strategy

  • Advocacy and lobbying for clients

  • Developing communications strategy

  • Crisis PR situation management

  • Interview preparation

  • Optimizing crisis PR statements

  • Point of contact for Crisis PR Communications

  • Press call and Photocall services

  • Strategic counter-press campaigns across various media

  • Online Reputation management and monitoring

  • Advice on best practices for PR Crisis social media messaging

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