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Irish Film Final Curtain picks up International Awards.

Stuart Cullen, Jack Armstrong and Paudge Behan at the Nòt Film Festival, Italy, for the World Premiere of Final Curtain.

A new Irish film is receiving a number of accolades on the international film festival circuit. Final Curtain was awarded ‘Best International Thriller’ at this year’s Jersey Shore International Film Festival. The film's lead actor, newcomer Stuart Cullen (28), also received ‘Best International Male Actor’ on the night. The film which had its world premiere, as part of the official selection, at the Nòt Film Festival in Italy earlier this month, was created and produced by Jack Armstrong of Dublin based H2 Films. In addition to the film’s success, at Jersey Shore, Armstrong was awarded a Bronze Remi Award for his work on the film at the 53rd WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival which took place during the summer. Commenting on the film’s success, Armstrong remarked: “We are delighted with how the film has been received internationally. We are particularly excited to have had the opportunity to introduce Stuart Cullen to audiences. For Stuart to be awarded Best International Male Actor is an incredible achievement at this early stage of his career”. The film was the directorial debut for Los Angeles based commercials director Dan Gifford. Armstrong and the team at H2 Films are hoping to capitalise on the film’s international success in the year ahead: “The film’s Irish preview screening was postponed in March due to Ireland entering into Covid-19 restrictions. Given the success of the film internationally we will look to reschedule an event for 2021. For the moment the project will continue to tour the International film festival circuit until next summer after which time we will be aligning with streamers & influencers as well traditional broadcast media to reach as wide an audience as possible”. Final Curtain tells the story of Finn O’Connor, played by Stuart Cullen, a young actor who spends his nights waiting tables in an up-market Dublin restaurant to pay the bills. A nasty encounter with a famous director named Brendan Bloom, played by Paudge Behan (Love/Hate), leaves Finn humiliated and determined to give Mr Bloom the private audition of a lifetime. Screenwriter Chris Harris has been commissioned by Armstrong to write the theatrical sequel to the film provisionally titled A Dublin Story. Pre-production is planned for Winter 2021 with Stuart Cullen and Paudge Behan cast once again in leading roles. For information on H2 Films, you can visit their website:

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