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Irish Artists Launch Turkey-Syria Appeal

Alice Fitzgerald from Dublin and Kate Ormond O'Neill from Cork at the launch of the Mystery Tube Sale

Ireland's creative community is uniting to contribute toward global relief efforts, with over 80 visual artists generously donating signed limited edition fine art prints for a unique fundraising project in support of the Turkey-Syria crisis. For just €50 members of the public can support the initiative by purchasing a “mystery tube” containing one of the prints. The profits will go straight towards providing crucial humanitarian support through the Irish Red Cross, while purchasers get an exciting surprise in return: they won't know which work of art lies inside until it's opened!

The “Mystery Tube Sale” has been organised by Hang Tough Editions based in the Hang Tough Studios in Portobello, Dublin. Speaking at the launch the event organiser, Michael “Rubio” Hennigan, encouraged members of the public to support the project:

Artists Kym Tracey, Helen O Sullivan, Owen de Forge, Karma Shawa, Season Dailey.

“In a display of heartfelt compassion and solidarity, a large cross section of the Irish visual arts community has rallied together to create an opportunity for members of the public to support those impacted by last week’s devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. For only €50, participate in this unique sale that offers not just beautiful fine art prints which typically cost hundreds of euros each - but also direct humanitarian aid towards these stricken nations”.

Over 80 Irish visual artists are involved with thousands of prints donated to the project, including pieces by Alice Fitzgerald, Blaise Drummond, Shirley Copperwhite, Ishmael Claxton, Karma Shawa, Kym Tracey, Helen O’Sullivan, Kate O’Neill, Owen De Forge and Season Daily. Each print is of the highest quality and has been signed, numbered, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The “Mystery Tube Sale” will take place from today and will run until March 7th or when all of the prints have been purchased. To purchase a tube visit

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