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Electric Picnic ArtLot Stage announces 2023 lineup

DJ Sharpson on the ArtLot Stage at Electric Picnic

The lineup for the ArtLot Stage 2023 at Electric Picnic festival has just been announced. Tucked away in the depths of a forest path, ArtLot is the Electric Picnic's alternative visual arts and music area.

This year, prepare to be captivated by the ArtLot’s newly designed stage. Combining the elegance of the Sydney Opera House with the charm of your grandad's greenhouse, this architectural masterpiece will host a lineup of extraordinary alternative and emerging music acts throughout the weekend.

Experience the allure of "The Wine House", ArtLot's new immersive arts installation and chill-out space. With its ambiance reminiscent of Soho's famous "Jazz After Dark" club, this derelict sanctuary invites you to escape and indulge in late-night shenanigans alongside abstract expressionists, drifters, and aspiring poets.

Step back in time with the nostalgic Granny's House installation where you can transport yourself to the 1980s and embrace the retro kitsch atmosphere, complete with pictures of iconic figures like Charles Haughey and Pope John Paul.

ArtLot is a celebration of creativity. Stand in awe at the mural works of renowned painter Kevin Bohan, witness live mural painting with artist Sol Robinson, or participate in a free screen printing workshop with artist Terrie O'Neil in Tonink Studios. Don’t miss seeing the flying Jellyfish installations by Rachel Maloney and pop-up walk around performances from Acid Granny and The Bubblettes. Elsewhere, a new partnership with Alternative Dublin will bring you painting demonstrations and workshops by esteemed Irish artists.

When the night falls, ditch the pretentious techno scene and strict door policies of the Berlin Bunker. Instead, mix yourself a fat frog and head over to ArtLot, where the resident DJs of Granny's Gaff, Sharpson and Hippyhun, will keep the dancefloor alive with a selection of nostalgic bangers. For the wild at heart, Rathaus, Dublin’s leading alternative underground LGBTQ+ night, will be taking charge of the decks for an unforgettable sesh.

ArtLot is curated by John Kenny and Alan Mulhall of Dublin based art collective The Glow Depot with music programmed by Fluttertone.


ArtLot Lineup: Sophie Doyle Ryder, Big Sleep, Dave Lofts & S.A.N.D.S, Roe Byrne, Michael Moloney, Tadhg, Georgia Gaffney, Susi Pagel, The Donnys, Calum Agnew, The Lost Messiahs, Whelo, Arthur Valentine, Liliana, InBetween Honey, R3D'S HOUSE, Rathaus, Sharpson, Dj Jamie Ennis, Dj Hippyhun, Phil Kenny, Burlie Mac

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