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Digital Marketing Strategy and Training: Butler Gallery, Kilkenny

At CultureHead we were delighted to get the opportunity recently to work with the marketing team of Butler Gallery, Kilkenny to develop the organisation's digital marketing strategy and to provide training to their team members.

Butler Gallery is one of Ireland’s leading visual arts museums. Situated in the heart of Kilkenny, the museum includes a stunning new white-cube gallery space that exhibits work by contemporary artists as well as a permanent collection of important Irish art. CultureHead had worked with the Butler Gallery previously, providing public relations services around the launch of the new museum and cultural heritage site in 2020.

This project with Butler Gallery took place over a 4 month period. During that time we created a research document and a digital marketing strategy document which sets out a framework for how the organisation will increase their reach and audience engagement online.

To gather the data contained in the research document we conducted 8 key pieces of research with the Butler Gallery team:

1. We researched and defined the organisation’s Value Proposition.

2. We conducted a competitor analysis of 3 similar arts organisations. We gathered data on what tactics those organisations use in terms of their digital marketing, which may be of benefit to Butler Gallery.

3. We conducted a SWOT analysis of the Butler Gallery to examine any internal factors that may influence their marketing activities and a PEST analysis to examine any external factors.

4. We conducted an audit of the Butler Gallery social media channels to identify any

weaknesses and explore potential opportunities.

5. We interviewed a number of individuals whose profiles match the demographics of the Butler Gallery’s local audience with an emphasis on age and geographic location. We gathered data from those individuals with regard to media consumption, online habits and their motivations for attending or engaging with cultural events. We collated that information and created 3 audience personas.

6. We researched and identified various ways in which the organisation might leverage its Paid, Earned and Owned Media Channels to reach its target audience.

7. We researched and compiled audience online search data relevant to the organisation.

8. We conducted a user interface (UI) evaluation of the Butler Gallery website to pick up any errors.

After the research phase, we conducted some hard-skill training and upskilling with the Butler Gallery team including workshops in Search engine Optimisation (SEO) and Paid Advertising across Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords.

At the beginning of January, and toward the end of the project, the Butler Gallery marketing team were given a brief where they were asked to create a pitch-style presentation that would set out a high-level overview of their final digital marketing strategy.

We invited 2 digital marketing experts to sit in on the final pitch presentation and give feedback and advice to the team. Our two experts were Caitlin Hayfer an entrepreneur, mentor and lecturer, Caitlin holds a Masters Degree from Trinity College in Digital Marketing Strategies and works with organisations in the startup realm. We also invited Meabh Redmond who holds the position of Engagement Lead for the Dublin Accenture Labs team. Our two special guests provided excellent feedback to the Butler Gallery Team and were able to share their own insights into how they would approach similar digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

A big thanks to the Butler Gallery for selecting CultureHead to work on this project and thanks to the Arts Council of Ireland who provided funding for the collaboration.

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