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Dublin Circus Project presents Sclimpíní at The Complex

Performer Inza Sudway, rehearsing a scene from Sclimpíní, an awe-inspiring new circus show which will take place at The Complex Dublin on December 10th. Image Julien Behal

Prepare to be amazed by an awe-inspiring new circus show, which is set to captivate audiences at The Complex Dublin on December 10th.

"Sclimpíní," which translates to "dancing lights" as gaeilge, features the recent graduates of Ireland’s first ever professional circus training programme. Organised by the Dublin Circus Project, twelve talented performers were selected to be part of an intensive training course under the tutelage of some of the country's most elite contemporary circus performers. Now their enchanting new show Sclimpíní promises to be a mesmerising spectacle of acrobatics, artistic flair, and high-energy performance.

The 60 minute performance is directed by Alain Servant with choreography by Deirdre Griffin and speaking ahead of the show the French director, Servant, invited audiences to come and be inspired:

"We are thrilled to bring Sclimpíní to the stage! Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Irish mythology, the cast emerge from the mist to transport audience members into a world of awe-inspiring aerial rope performances, juggling, trapeze acts, clowning, acrobatics, hula hoop displays, and dazzling hand balancing! With powerful and emotive performances, Sclimpíní is a truly immersive experience suitable for all ages. I invite audiences to join us and be a part of something truly inspiring."

Performers Nathan McDonnel, Hannah Ryan and Inza Sudway. Image Julien Behal

Dublin Circus Project was founded in 2009, inspired by the calibre of circus arts across Europe, as a way to formally develop the artform in Ireland. The projects director, Aoife Raleigh explains how the BOOST course is the the first training programme for professional circus artists in the Republic of Ireland:

“We are absolutely honoured to present Sclimpíní, the electrifying grand finale of Ireland's very first professional circus training course! The BOOST program is the first of its kind in the rep. of Ireland and was designed to nurture and showcase Ireland's most promising emerging circus performers. This landmark production will not only be of interest to the theatre going public but will be of huge interest to those interested in circus as an artform.”.

“Sclimpíní” featuring recent graduates of the Dublin Circus Project inaugural BOOST programme will take place at The Complex, Arran Street East, Dublin 7, on December 10th with shows at 3pm & 6pm. Tickets from €15. See

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Dublin City Council.

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