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A Landmark Photography Exhibition “Humans of The Liberties” Opens in Dublin

Noel Fleming, Margaret Fitzpatrick, Philippo Fusco, Tara O'Kelly and Maria O'Reily featured with their portraits at The Humans of the Liberties exhibition which runs until May 12th.

"Humans of the Liberties," a significant photography exhibition showcasing local residents of The Liberties, has just opened to the public at The Bank at The Digital Hub on Dublin’s James Street. This exhibition highlights local stories of resilience, personal achievements, and community connections. The event, which runs until Sunday, May 12th, marks the opening of Culture Date with Dublin 8 Festival. It is a collaboration with the well-known "Humans of Dublin" project, and the striking portraits have been captured by photographer Peter Varga.

Noel Fleming the founder of the popular Noel’s Deli on Dublin’s Meath Street is among the subjects featured in the exhibition. Speaking at the event Noel remarked that the project has captured the essence of The Liberties:

“I have had the privilege of working in The Liberties for the past 60 years. This unique place holds a special charm unlike any other in the world. It is the vibrant community that truly sets it apart, their stories are a testament to the spirit of the Liberties area. Witnessing their tales being celebrated in such a grand manner is truly heartwarming, and I feel honoured to be a part of it. I invite everyone to experience the show firsthand, as it encapsulates the essence of the area beautifully”.

Noel Fleming the founder of the popular Noel’s Deli on Dublin’s Meath Street

The exhibition's photographer Peter Varga hopes that the general public will find the portraits and accompanying stories deeply inspiring:

“The stories that accompany the photographic portraits are raw, authentic and personal. They are stories of survival, resilience and also community and personal triumphs. I think that there is something deeply human about the narratives that will really resonate with visitors. I would encourage members of the public to come and be inspired”

Humans of the Liberties will run in The Bank at The Digital Hub on James Street until Sunday May 12th as part of the Culture Date with Dublin 8 Festival

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