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The Brief:
To maximise media exposure for PEEX a new wearable augmented audio device which aims to revolutionise Live music events.

The Story:
PEEX was introduced to Irish audiences for the first time at Elton John’s concert in Dublin’s 3Arena. PEEX LIVE enables users to hear perfect sound from the performance, without latency and regardless of where they are positioned in the venue. Through the use of the PEEX App, users can create their own 5 channel mix of live concert sounds, in real-time, via a personal mixing desk on their phone. The technology will turn Live music events into a personalised and interactive experience.

Our Results

The Irish Independent

"Elton, like a lot of artists, is determined to give his best for his fans and he knows they come out in their millions to watch him play live and I think he'd be mortified if he felt that after everything he and the band put on on the night the customers left unhappy with the sound."

"Sometimes simply where you're seated, even in a smaller venue, means you miss out on the best audio experience.  And if you're a serious music fan, not hearing the subtle genius of that acoustic guitar is a travesty".


The Pat Kenny Show Newstalk 106

Newstalk's Tech Correspondent Jess Kelly interviewed PEEX CEO Graham Tull for the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk 106

The Irish Daily Star

Sandra Mallon

"Superstar Elton John is making sure he is heard perfectly when he plays in Dublin next week"

"Users will be able to hear the perfect sound from the stage via a personal mixing desk on their Phone"


 "PEEX offers new experiences, content and business opportunities for the whole of the music industry. Global music ticketing revenues are predicted to hit $24.6bn by 2021, and the PEEX platform is poised to grow this number further".

“The PEEX LIVE technology has been carefully designed in order to ensure that users are not isolated from the concert experience or the social elements of a concert. The device is provided with a set of special earbuds allowing some ambient sound to still be heard"


The Last Word with Matt Cooper

Our client's product was reviewed on the Matt Cooper Show on Today FM


"A wearable augmented audio device which aims to revolutionise the live music experience will be introduced to Irish audiences for the first time at Elton John’s Dublin concert next week"




Feature By Jack O'Kennedy

"Poor quality sound is the live music scene’s dirty little secret. A case in point: Twitter erupted with complaints following the Spice Girls’ recent Croke Park gig, with many fans reporting severe sound issues, and some barely able to make out their “zig-a-zig-ah”s."


"Despite the thick layers of concrete in between myself and the stage, I could soon hear the familiar opening bars of Bennie And The Jets with perfect clarity. As the piano virtuoso began a two-hour-plus performance, I strode up and down the length and breadth of the arena. Much to my surprise, my audio remained full and consistent wherever I roamed"

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