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CASE STUDY: Marketing for TV3 Documentary 'The 4th Act' by Bread & Circus Films

Public Relations Film Ireland


Bread & Circus Films

The Brief:

To maximise media exposure for the company's new documentary 'The 4th Act' prior to its screening on TV3.  

The Story:

A contentious new documentary “The 4th Act” to air on TV3 Friday March 30th 11pm will highlight the failures and shortcomings of the Ballymun Regeneration Project. The Ballymun Regeneration project was declared officially complete in November 2013. At a cost to the state of over €1 billion euro, it was the largest urban redevelopment project in Europe at the time. The documentary tells the story of the regeneration of Ballymun through the eyes of the community itself.

Our Results

Image & Feature

The Sunday Times

"A new documentary to be shown on Tv3 on Friday looks at the aftermath of the €1Bn regeneration of Ballymun"

"Andrew Keogh The documentary's producer recalled the frenzy during the regeneration project"


The Pat Kenny Show Newstalk 106

We put our clients on Newstalk 106 for interview with Pat Kenny about their forthcoming documentary release.

Listen Back:

The Irish Examiner


By Brian O’Flynn

"The Regeneration produced a new Ballymun that is as stagnant, as under-served and as ignored by the state, as it has always been"

"This upcoming TV3 documentary is a must-see. We would do well to learn from it, and what it reveals about the Irish state’s attitude to the working class."

The Irish Independent


By Laura Larkin

“There was a very definite attempt to undermine and replace the structures of local solidarity that had kept the community afloat through decades of challenges and hardship,”

 "the tearing down of the iconic Ballymun tower block apartments - has left many in the area feeling “disillusioned and abandoned".

The Irish Mirror

Full Feature

By Laura Lyne

"A gripping new documentary that examines one of Ireland's biggest regeneration projects is set to air this week.The 4th Act will examine the Ballymun Regeneration Project through the eyes of the local community, in the midst of questions surrounding local amenities for the area"

The Journal

Full Feature By Sean Murray

"According to the filmmakers, however, the regeneration focused instead on undoing existing local structures in an attempt to rid the area of the social ills that it had become synonymous with across Ireland"

THE Sunday Times

REVIEW By Liam Fay

"A vivid and eye-opening documentary"

"the film was enlivened by the inclusion of raw and sometimes raucous footage "

"A wake up call for anyone who believes the state has all the answers"


John and the team at CultureHead were wonderful to work with. They were always available to us, energetic and specific in their communications. 

They were just as keen to understand what the project was about as much as doing the marketing for it. We'll certainly work together again.


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