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CASE STUDY: Marketing For Visual Arts Installation 'The Trial'

Arts PR Ireland


Visual Artist Sinead McCann

The Brief:

To maximise media exposure for a touring Video Art Installation by artist Sinead McCann. Video Production by Sixbetween.

The Story:

A new art installation will begin its national tour when it opens to the public on Cork’s Spike Island from July 26th - August 26th. The multi-screen video installation titled ‘The Trial’ explores the theme of healthcare and human rights within the Irish criminal justice system. The project is by visual artist Sinead McCann in collaboration with UCD historians Catherine Cox and Fiachra Byrne.  The Trial will open to the public from July 26th - August 26th on Spike Island, Cork. The piece will then be exhibited in Lifford Court House, Co. Donegal 29th August - 12th September and Dublin Castle September 26th - November 3rd. 

Our Results


The Irish Examiner  

"Fair City actor Tommy O’Neill drew on his own time in prison for a video installation currently on display on Spike Island, "

"In some ways, I see the Irish government as the biggest drug dealers, with the alcohol. Alcoholism is a disease. I don’t know a lot of families in this country not touched by it. "

"The brainchild of visual artist Sinead McCann, The Trial has already been exhibited at Kilmainham Gaol, and this year is set to travel to three other sites with an appropriate connection to Ireland’s criminal justice system"


The Pat Kenny Show Newstalk 106

The Pat Kenny Show on NewsTalk 106 conducted a 16 minute interview about the Trial Project with actor Tommy O'Neill and Script Writer Sarah Meaney. .

Listen Back:

Interview: The Irish Independent


 "Visual artist Sinead McCann helmed the project in collaboration with UCD historians Catherine Cox and Fiachra Byrne. Ex-prisoners from The Bridge Project in Francis Street, Dublin shared their stories with writer Sarah Meaney and Tommy and those stories are brought to vivid life by the actor."  

"Fair City star Tommy O’Neill has drawn on his own experience of life in Mountjoy prison to perform in a new art project telling the stories of ex- prisoners "

"Prison leaves a mark on you.  It doesn’t matter if you’re there three months or ten years.  It leaves a mark and when you don’t know what it is you can’t fix it"

Feature: The Herald

 "The actor (66) has been playing Detective John Deegan in the hit RTE soap for nearly two decades, but he lived a very different life before his acting career."

“The Trial opens to the public on Spike Island, Cork, from July 26 to August 26, before moving to Lifford Court House, Donegal, from August 29 to September 12, and Dublin Castle from September 26 to November 3 ”



BBC Radio Ulster conducted a feature on the Projects visit to Lifford Court House Donegal 

Feature: The Cork Independent

"McCann worked with writer Sarah Meaney and ex-prisoners from ‘The Bridge Project’, a charitable organisation that helps individuals who were previously incarcerated to reintegrate back into society. "

Feature: Echoe Live

“We are honoured to have Spike Island host The Trial project. Visitors will have the chance to reflect on the history of healthcare in prison, while standing in what was, during Victorian times, one of the largest prisons in the world”.

" Much of her work is collaborative and she often works in site, context and community-specific way.She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally and has been funded and supported by recognised institutions."

Interview: VAN (Visual Artists News Sheet)




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